Chiropractic Care Services Available

Dr. Jensen and Dr. Sellers at Better Life Chiropractic offer multiple options for chiropractic adjustments based on a patient’s concerns and comfort level.

PulStar Adjuster

Patient sits in an upright position, the PulStar Adjuster gently taps the spine to ensure it is not too hard or too soft. When the PulStar hits ten taps that are equal than it shuts off automatically. This safety feature helps prevent over correction of the back and spine. The PulStar’s gentle tapping also causes less ligament and micro tears to tissue which leads to faster healing time. The PulStar is safe and effective for all patients from newborns to geriatric patients.

Manual Adjustment

Thompson Technique / Segmental Drop Table

This chiropractic technique enhances the motion of the adjustment by taking advantage of the basic design of the joint. The segmented drop table is a safer option for unlocking joints in a specific vertebrae.

Diversified / Gonstead

Commonly referred to as “cracking” this option often produces the cracking and popping sound traditionally thought of with chiropractic care. This option can work and is safe. The Gonstead / Diversified method of chiropractic care gives a deeper adjustment than the PulStar Adjuster.