Additional Services Offered

Dr. Jensen and Dr. Sellers at Better Life Chiropractic  offer multiple services for his chiropractic patients. They treat their patients as a whole and offers multiple services in addition to chiropractic care to improve their overall health and wellness.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is often recommended in conjunction with chiropractic manipulation to help the patient heal faster. Here at Better Life Chiropractic  we have three licensed massage therapist on staff to work with our patients.


Orthotics are often recommended for patients with back and or foot pain. Orthotics work with the joints in the foot, metatarsal and phalange. Your feet hold up your body, proper care and maintenance of your feet is imperative to a healthy body.

Chiropractic Sleeping Aids

Durable medical goods include therapeutic pillows and therapeutic exercises. Dr. Jensen and Dr. Sellers recommend Chiro Flow and Theraputica brand pillows. Therapeutic pillows help align the spine relieving and/or eliminating stress on the neck and back.

Essential Oils

Better Life Chiropractic  works with many essential oils including doTerra products. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years. Dr. Jensen and Dr. Sellers often recommend essential oils for health.

Nutritional Testing

Nutritional testing is an ongoing and sometimes slow process. Often used in conjunction with emotional therapy. Recommended for issues with organ function, female hormones, thyroid and cleansing or detoxification.

Emotional Code Testing

By using Applied Kinesiology Dr. Jensen can find where a person is holding a trapped emotion in the body. It is usually associated with chronic and acute areas of the body. Trapped emotions are like magnets they attract emotions and weaken that area of the body.

Applied Kinesiology

Dr. Jensen uses his training in applied kinesiology to evaluate the structural, chemical and mental health of a patient using manual muscle testing (MMT). Applied kinesiology is a diagnostic technique to locate weaknesses in muscles showing imbalances in the body.