PulStar Adjuster Chiropractic Option

Achieving Excellence Through Chiropractic Care and Dr. Jensen is proud to be the only chiropractic office in Reno to offer the PulStar Adjuster.

The PulStar is a pro adjustment chiropractic tool. The PulStar uses electro-mechanical impulses to transmit precise calculations back to the chiropractor. Dr. Jensen than interprets the read out to instantly know which vertebra needs adjustment and makes a recommendation of speed and level of force. Dr. Jensen than uses the PulStar to gently tap the back to realign the spine. Multiple tips and levels of force are available for adults, pediatric and geriatric patients.

How does the PulStar Adjuster work?

The PulStar chiropractic pro adjuster will continue to gently tap until the proper resonance level is found, or proper alignment, it than continues to tap until it hits 10 consecutively aligned taps and then it stops automatically. This process will continue down the spine with any other problem areas the initial test highlighted.

The PulStar option is safe and effective for all patients no matter their age or injury/pain level. This chiropractic adjustment option offers less ligament and micro tears than manual manipulation which will result in faster healing time for the patient.