A Silent Killer….

A Silent Killer….

Written by Tony C. Jensen, Doctor of Chiropractic 

What is Health – is it the absence of symptoms? Lets take the time to investigate that. If you don’t have symptoms right now are you completely healthy or is your body just setting on the edge ready to fall into symptoms?

Symptoms start after our body has been pushed past its threshold of normal and so it creates symptoms as warning signs. The most overlooked body systems are the brain and nervous system. Your nervous system consist of two parts: the Central Nervous System or CNS = the Brain, Brain stem and the Spinal Cord; and the Peripheral Nervous System or PNS = the spinal nerves and all the nerves that go to every tissue and organ in your body.

It is fair to say the brain and nervous system are the most important systems we have next to our soul. It’s the master computer for your body and the wiring that makes it possible for your heart, stomach, digestion, reproductive, skin, immune system and cells to all work 100 percent. Without the brain and nervous system, we’re dead! So if you take one of those delicate nerves and pinch it, what do you think is going to happen to the communication between the brain and that organ/tissue/cell? That’s right, it won’t be able to work at its optimal function.

Your threshold of pain depends on how fast you might feel pain symptoms but by then the nerve and surrounding tissue has been irritated for some time causing more problems, similar to waiting until you feel a cavity and have a swollen face and pain. It takes more work to fix it at this stage. Prior to the pain stage things have been slowly building. This is the same in the nervous system. You could be having mild symptoms that don’t seem that bad but they are slowly building for bigger problems.

A Subluxation is where one of the joints of the vertebrae get stuck or jammed up – like when you jam your finger. It hurts so you pull it or grab it and rub it, but lets say you jammed your finger and you left it that way. In time your body would adapt around it, leaving you with a less than normal function of that finger.

You cause a subluxation or pinched nerve at one of the joints and you leave it because it’s not that bad. Your body adapts around it trying to get out of pain or symptoms setting yourself up for future problems.

Most people have an injury or problem that didn’t properly get taken care of earlier, that is now coming back to haunt them. These people are the one’s that state “I just bent over to pick something up” or “I just reached for something” or “I just woke up like this.” These are all “Silent Killers” because you have been running on less than 100 percent nervous system function.

So what has been happening to your body along the way? If that nerve goes to your stomach, your digestion and acids haven’t been working properly either. If the nerves go to your heart or lungs, legs, hands, immune system or muscles etc., you could have the beginning of some serious problems.

The options now are to either cover up these problems with medications or try to get down to the cause and fix it before it is too late. It’s having a pebble in your shoe; at first you try and move it around by tapping your shoe, then finally you stop and take your shoe off and take the pebble out.


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