Are You Weak, or Just Out of Balance?

Are You Weak, or Just Out of Balance?

Your body may be trying to let you know that you are “out of balance” in one or multiple areas.

Have you ever been trying to lift or move something around and notice that one side of your body isn’t as strong as the other side. That’s probably happened to all of us at some time or another. This could be just because you are more dominate and stronger on that side or it could also be a sign that your body is trying to let you know that you are “out of balance” in one or multiple areas.

Some of the ways that we can be out of balance are Nutritional, Nerve supply, Neurolymphatic, Neurovascular, Meridian association, Organ association, and Emotional. Each one of these areas of can affect our overall strength and health.

Let’s do a test on our own neck flexors muscle for example:These muscles help us bring our head forward and to our chest area. The easiest way to test these muscles is; lay on your back and raise your head up off the bed or floor and slightly turn your head to the right about 10 degrees. Then have someone gently push down on your neck to see if you are strong on that position, then try the other side. If there is a weakness to one or both of these ranges of motions, then you could be having a problem with one of the areas mentioned above.To rule out some of these, lets first look at the NERVE SUPPLY.Take one of your hands and gently touch your neck and then re-test.If it makes it strong you probably have a nerve in your neck that is irritated.Seek out a Chiropractor to help eliminate that nerve irritation.Once that is restored back to normal your neck should be strong again.

If you touched your neck and that didn’t help then try stimulating the NEUROLYMPHATIC. There are two points to locate on the body: lets first find the front point, where the neck meets your sternum there’s a groove there this is called the “Sternal Notice”. Go down 2 inches then out about 4 inches to the right or left, which ever was your weak side of the neck. Gently rub this spot in a clock wise potions (act like a clock is on you and someone was looking at it) do this 5 times. Then locate the back point, this is done by touching the center of the base of the skull and then slide down to the first bone you feel. Then move to the weak side of the neck about one inch out and gently rub that spot clock wise for 5 times.Then retest the neck to see if that strengthened the neck, if this fixed the problem, great. You may need to retest this later to see if it returns. In some cases you may need to do this two to three times to reprogram this area. If it continues to keep coming back seek out care from a trained professional.If these did not fix the neck weakness, then let’s move to the Neurovascular point.

The NEUROVASCULAR point is located on your weak side, on your jaw bone, slightly below your ear canal level. Gently rub this spot clock wise for 5 times, then retest the neck.If this fixed the problem, good. If still not strong, then you can test to see if you having a Nutrition deficiency because the neck is associated with vitamin B6, niacinamide or niacin. This is done by putting B6 in your hand, then retest the neck muscles. If you are strong now you need the B6.Next if those didn’t work then let’s stimulate the MERIDIAN ASSOCIATION, by placing your hand on over your stomach. If this strengthens the neck then you can either rub the stomach area or try and find what supplement you’ll need.

The last test if all else fails is the ORGAN/GLAND ASSOCIATION. This association is the sinuses. Touch over your sinus area and retest. If strong then you have sinuses problems i.e. allergies, infection, or cold symptoms.Once you get that problem fixed the neck will strengthen up.

Isn’t it amazing to see all the things that can affect you?

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Written by Dr. Tony C. Jensen, D.C.